Present Perfect – lesson ideas for A1 students

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Teaching both the structure and the usage of Present Perfect to students who need more time and help from us, teachers, can be challenging. The materials below should help your learners go through the early stage of learning and practising the tense with a feeling of engagement and smiles on their faces.

1 Present Perfect for life experiences

Tell the learners that last weekend you met an interesting man who had done a lot of unusual things in his life.  All the things he has done are shown in the pictures and sentences provided. Students are supposed to match the sentences with the pictures. Once they have finished the matching activity, they can find the verb in each sentence and say or write its base form.

Present Perfect for life experiences – printable (pdf)

2 What have they done today? – Present Perfect for visible results that affect the present

What have they done today? – printable (pdf)

Ask the learners to look at the pictures and find out what Tim has done today and what David with Brandon have done today.

Next, give the set of cards to your students and ask them to use all the words to make sentences that show

a) what Tim has or hasn’t done today

b) what David and Brandon have or haven’t done today

Finally, collect all the cards so that the students couldn’t see the sentences anymore, and give them the worksheet:

Ask them to complete the sentences with one word each.

3 Present Perfect with Simon’s Cat

The last activity will probably be the most joyful 🙂 I’m sure your students will love it.

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