How to describe a room? – group work activities for A1+ and A2

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The teaching material I’m offering today is my idea for practising there is/are together with prepositions of place and quantifiers such as some/any/a lot of. It also aims at practising or revising vocabulary on rooms in the house.

Being able to complete a separate sentence with the correct forms of there is/are or a preposition seems easy – students follow a particular pattern, and most of the time act automatically. There’s nothing wrong about it, but it is not enough if we wish for them to produce the language in a much more independent way. That is why I decided to create a controlled-practice set of exercises which are supposed to be completed in small groups. Each group gets a photo of a room (there are six different pictures) and a worksheet. As a teacher, your task is to help the students and monitor their work.

Describing room – worksheet

Group 1 – pears

Group 2 – pineapples

Group 3 – grapes

Group 4 – avocados

Group 5 – watermelons

Group 6 – strawberries

Once they have finished, you may offer the students a short competition. At home, they can make a short video depicting one of their house rooms, preferably the kitchen, their bedroom or even a bathroom with their comment. The aim is to describe the place similarly to how it is done in class, but with the use of different tools.

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