Bob’s Trip to Arizona (part 2) – reading comprehension with a PDF and live worksheets (A1)

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I’ve decided to continue the story of Bob and his new Indian friend, Nebi.

In part 2 of his trip to Arizona, he is invited to Nebi’s village and meets new people. The grammar of the text is still simple – mainly present tenses. However, I really wanted to apply the past simple of ‘be’ as this is the grammar structure that my 5th-grade students have been practising recently. Besides, the text allows the students to revise some vocabulary on places in town. As previously, the main goal is to provide the students with some reading practice.

Bob’ Trip To Arizona – student worksheet – Ex. 1 (pdf)

Bob’s Trip to Arizona – student worksheet Ex. 1 (on

Start with Ex. 1. Once the students have completed the text, they can check their answers using the book, where they can find the whole story and the recording.

Book titled 'Bob's Trip to Arizona - part 2'Read this book made on StoryJumper


Ex. 1

  1. shop   2. school   3. hospital   4. bus stop   5. bank   6. cinemas   7. museums   8. house

a) was   b) were   c) were   d) were   e) were

Bob’ Trip To Arizona – student worksheet Ex. 2 and 3 (pdf) 

Bob’s Trip to Arizona – student worksheet Ex. 2 and 3 (on


Ex. 2

1 F (Bob loves reading about American Indians)

2 F (There were a lot of mysterious stones on the riverbank)

3 T

4 T

5 T

6 F (Bob’s stone is called turquoise)

7 F (Bob’s mum was born in December)

8 T

Ex. 3

  1. feathers
  2. village
  3. workshop
  4. pocket
  5. necklace


The first two episodes of Bob’s story can be found here:

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