Past Simple practice with a video (A1 – B2)

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If you are looking for some videos which could help your learners revise past simple forms of regular and irregular verbs, you are in the right place. I would like to share with you four different exercises which have one thing in common – each one is based on a short video. Videos nr 1 and nr 4 are turned into online video quizzes so they do not require any preparation or photocopying from you. For the other two videos, you need to copy the worksheet which is provided below.

1.Maya’s garden video quiz (A1+) 

2) Destiny (A2+)

Watch the video and complete the tasks below.

Destiny – video
Credits to Fabien Weibel, Manuel Alligné, Sandrine Wurster, Victor Debatisse and Antoine Duchêne
Task 1
In as many sentences as you can, write about what happened just before the man died in a car accident. Use the words and phrases in the box.

 at 7:50,     wardrobe,       clothes,       kettle,       toaster,          cat,              lunch,             umbrella,            at 8:00,          watch,             bus

Task 2

Watch the video again and answer the questions.

How many times did he try to rescue himself?

What did he finally do to prevent his death?

What do you think is the moral of the story? Why? (You can use one of the sentences below).


Don’t let time control you…control your time. You only live once. Enjoy each moment.

It’s better to lose a minute in life than to lose your life in a minute.

Break your clock and it will make your time go slow.

Something that is destined has to happen even when you get a lot of chances to stop it.


3. Storks – I Want a Baby Brother (A2+)

Storks – I Want a Baby Brother – video

Task 1

Watch the video and put the sentences in chronological order.

Below you can find the correct order of the sentences:


While the whole family was driving, Nate announced his parents that he wanted a baby brother.

Nate’s parents told him they had him and that was what they needed.

The information got him down.

Then one day, while doing some searching in the attic, he came across a book which caught his attention.

The book encouraged him to write a special letter in which he asked for a baby brother.

The letter was intended to be shipped to the Storks.

A girl called Tulip saw the letter and decided to deliver it where it belonged.

Junior the stork was talking to his father when he noticed what was happening in the factory.

Junior rushed to the factory to stop Tulip and get out of the place.

Tulip threw the letter into a baby-making machine.


4. The short animated history of Poland (A2+)

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