Egzamin ósmoklasisty – exam preparation with Trimino and Storyjumper – “Health – seeing a doctor”

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We, the teachers who are preparing the 8th grade students for the end-of-school exam, have been running out of time since the beginning of this school year. Whether we like it or not, there is never enough time for revisions, and we are forced to choose from the elements of the material which need to be practiced more thoroughly. I’ve forever been struggling with this issue and have decided to expand on some of my work and offer another post which can help our students with their preparation. This time I selected some phrases related to seeing a doctor and taking care of our health. For practice, the learners are supposed to do some translation with the focus on using both the correct grammar structures and the relevant vocabulary. As always, I am sure that Trimino and Storyjumper will turn out to be very useful.

First, I have my students read the following example sentences and elicit the meaning of the phrases in bold.


A: The other day I finally made an appointment with my dentist, but I already know I won’t be able to go because of this unexpected business trip. I need to cancel it!

B: Don’t cancel it! You can always call your doctor and try to reschedule the appointment for another day.

2. The doctor prescribed an antibiotic and told me to take one pill in the morning and another one in the evening.

3. Working as a nurse in a hospital usually means looking after your patients 24 hours a day.

4. Nathan is not at the office today. He broke his leg, so he’s on a sick leave.

5. Mia gets medical check-ups every year. She needs to be sure everything is ok with her health.

6. My grandma is in her mid-eighties and her circulation is not in good condition, so she needs to check her blood pressure every morning.

7. He reached out for the wrist and took her pulse. The heart was beating very fast and the pulse was irregular.

8. I can feel your forehead is really hot. Let me take your temperature. I’m afraid you have a fever.

9. First the doctor examined the patient. Then he made an initial diagnosis and wrote a prescription.


I can expect that they will translate some of them correctly whereas the meaning of others will remain unknown. That is why the next step is to split the learners into small groups and ask them to do the Trimino task. The aim is to organize 12 triangles into one big star. To complete the task, the students need to find pairs of all twelve phrases and their meanings and put them together – edge to edge.

Trimino – useful phrases – seeing a doctor (printable)


The next stage is to encourage the learners to use the phrases in practice. It can be done with some help from Storyjumper. You can arrange the students into two competing groups. Taking turns, the teams are supposed to complete a sentence using one of the newly introduced phrases.

Book titled 'Translate into English 2'Read this book made on StoryJumper

The third step is to ask the students work individually and complete ten sentences on paper – students work on the same sentences that they worked on in stage 2, but this time, they work individually in order to check how much they have learnt and remembered.

Seeing a doctor – worksheet (printable)  

Finally, ask the students to change the colour of their pens, and while checking the answers with the help of the Storyjumper book, they are supposed to correct their own mistakes. Based on my previous experience, I know that this way my students can learn faster and they learn more effectively.

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