Egzamin ósmoklasisty – exam preparation with Trimino and Storyjumper – “Życie prywatne”

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Trimino is a new discovery for me, but Storyjumper is a tool which I have been using for some time now. As the idea seems to be really appealing to me, I decided to take advantage of them both in one lesson. The aim is to help my students grasp the meaning and practise some useful phrases which are related to “Życie prywatne i towarzyskie” Unit. This lesson is meant to be somewhat like a self-study tool which lets the students be their own teacher.

1 First, I have my students read the following example sentences and elicit the meaning of the phrases in bold.

I really get on well with my older sister. With the younger one the relationship isn’t very good.

Mia and Robert have been going out together since high school.

My younger son hangs around with your grandson. Did you know they see each other every day, even on Sundays?

I split up with Paul last year. Now I have a new boyfriend, Tom, who is much more reliable than the previous one.

Get up, take a shower and get dressed! Breakfast will be ready in a minute!

My mum knows how to set the table. This Christmas her table looked so charming I decided to take some lessons from her.

Patricia is such an independent girl that I don’t think she will want to share a room with anybody.

For New Year’s Eve party I always borrow my sister’s clothes. She has a great selection of fancy outfits.

She’s not really keen on skiing. In winter she would spend all her spare time in front of a fireplace.

One of my duties is to take part in business meetings.

Let’s get together with all classmates and discuss the options.

He’s so selfish he doesn’t want to spend money on anyone but himself.

I can expect that they will translate some of them correctly whereas the meaning of others will remain unknown. That is why the next step is to split the learners into small groups and ask them to do the Trimino task. The aim is to organize 12 triangles into one big star. To complete the task, the students need to find pairs of all twelve phrases and their meanings and put them together – edge to edge.

Trimino – useful phrases (printable)



2 The next stage is to encourage the learners to use the phrases in practice. It can be done with some help from Storyjumper. You can arrange the students into two competing groups. Taking turns, the teams are supposed to complete a sentence using one of the newly introduced phrases.


Book titled 'Translate into English 1'Read this book made on StoryJumper

3 The third step is to ask the students work individually and complete nine sentences on paper – students work on the same sentences that they worked on in stage 2, but this time, they work individually in order to check how much they have learnt and remembered.

Useful phrases – worksheet (printable)

4 Finally, ask the students to change the colour of their pens, and while checking the answers with the help of the Storyjumper book, they are supposed to correct their own mistakes. Based on my previous experience, I know that this way my students can learn faster and they learn more effectively.


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