Peppa Pig is going on her summer vacation – a video lesson (A1)

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Peppa Pig’s family is going on their summer vacation. They fly to a sunny and hot place and stay on a campsite. This video and the quiz can be used either at the end or at the beginning of the school year. Actually, you can play it anytime you want.

Peppa Pig on her summer vacation – student worksheet (printable)

Before you watch

Read the questions and try to guess the answers. Then watch the video and check.

1.Where are they going for their summer holiday?

a) Somewhere sunny and hot where there is a beach and water.
b) Somewhere sunny and warm where there are mountains.
c) Somewhere sunny and hot where there are forests and lakes.

2. Where do they want to stay?

a) In a five-star hotel.
b) In a mountain chalet.
c) On a campsite.


While you watch

Watch the video and do the quiz.

  1. At the check-in desk the woman is asking them for … .

a) tickets and money
b) tickets and bags
c) bags and money

2. What does the x-ray machine do?

a) It looks into your eyes.
b) It looks inside your body.
c) It looks inside things.

3. Complete the sentence.

Peppa has her …, and George has his … in their bags.


4. Who is sitting next to the window?

a) George
b) Peppa
c) Peppa and George

5. What’s the weather like outside the window?

a) It’s cloudy and windy.
b) It’s cloudy and rainy.
c) It’s rainy and windy.

6. What is there in the bag?

a) two towels, two balls, two spades and a spotty bucket
b) two spades, two towels, two umbrellas and a spotty ball
c) two towels, two buckets, two spades and a spotty ball

7. Why is George crying?

a) Because he is too little to catch the ball.
b) Because he is a little baby.
c) Because he wants the ball for himself.

8. Now they can play in the water because … .

a) it is sunny and hot
b) they put their water-wings on
c) they put their swimsuits on

9. Put the words in order.

Daddy Pig is trying to make a fire.

10. What sounds of nature can they hear?

a) They can hear wolves and an owl.
b) They can hear crickets and an owl.
c) They can hear mosquitoes and an owl.

11. Complete the dialogue:

Peppa: I love tomato soup!
a) Daddy Pig: So do I.
b) Daddy Pig: So I do.
c) Daddy Pig: So am I.

12. Put the words in order.

Daddy Pig must sleep outside because he’s too big.


After you have watched

What are the pluses and minuses of staying on a campsite? Discuss the topic in small groups and complete the table below.

pluses minuses
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