End-of-School-Year Twenty Second Game

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How many times do we ask ourselves where the time has gone? The question is particularly true at the end of every school year. No matter how fast we are  running out of time and how much we still need to do with our students, the hot days in June are a perfect occasion to do do some revison in a way which will allow our learners not to forget their favourite foreign language in the summer. Twenty Second Game seems to be a good idea to use at that time, because most children and teenagers like this popular competition.
All you need to do is some printing, laminating and cutting. Have fun!



End-of-School-Year Twenty Second Game – cards (printable)

End-of-School-Year Twenty Second Game – board (printable)

The rules for playing the game can be found here (they are in Polish): English On the Way Twenty Seconds Game

















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