‘At a gas station’ – vocabulary and reading comprehension

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Recently, while I was looking through some of my older posts, I found a couple of articles which, I think, need to be given a second life and turned into lesson plans. The one I would like to present today is based on a short story about two European girls who decided to explore America in a car. The text provides the learner with quite a choice of phrases related to buying petrol and American English words. It also shows differences between Europe and America which may help those who, one day, will go to the US.
Feel free to select whichever exercises you will find useful. All the materials are provided below:

1.Reading comprehension exercises with a student worksheet

At a gas station’ – text (printable)

‘At a gas station’ – worksheet (printable)

2. Online exercises on learningapps.com


3. Taboo Game

‘At a gas station’ Taboo game (printable)

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