‘Should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ – lesson ideas for A1 students

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Is it possible to introduce all modal verbs in one lesson with twelve year old children? This is what the course book I am currently using suggests. I really doubt it, therefore, I decided to teach one modal verb at a time. Today I would like to show you my ideas for teaching ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t.

Part 1  – ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t with Wheel Decide

A student goes up to the interactive board and clicks to spin the wheel on which a problematic sentence is displayed. The student reads the sentence aloud. Other students try to give him or her some advice using ‘should’ or ‘shouldn’t, e.g.:

Sentence: The flowers need some water.

Advice: You should water the flowers.


Part 2 – ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ with a video you can find here: Understand the Basic School Rules

It is a typical listening comprehension task with a follow-up speaking/writing activity.  You can find all the exercises in the printable worksheet below:

‘Should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ – student worksheet 




Check it out. I hope your  students will enjoy it 🙂


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