Past Perfect for intermediate level students (B1+)

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Today I would like to present some ideas for teaching past perfect to intemediate level students. I hope you will find some of them interesting and useful.
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Ex. 1 Cut out the slips and shuffle them into two piles (A and B). Ask the learners to make statements
by matching one slip from column A with one slip from column B.

Past Perfect – materials for Ex.1

By the time she arrived, he had fallen asleep.
She was amazed at the beauty of the necklace. She hadn’t seen anything like that before.
My grandparents had met before World War Two began.
The concert had started before we arrived.
The two little girls wanted to enter the building, but it was impossible. Someone had locked it.
He told me he had never graduated from a university.
The refrigerator was empty because Alice’s son had given a party for his friends.
At that particular moment he felt an insecurity he had felt many times before.
Mr Green entered the pub where he had made an appointment to meet Mr.  Black.
Virginia said that her husband had committed a suicide.


Ex. 2 Do the kahoot or the learningapps quiz below:

Past Perfect – Kahoot Quiz

Ex. 3 “What had happened?” group activity
Present your students with the story and ask them to give a good explanation for each situation.

Mina was on a business trip. She returned home yesterday evening and what she found was a complete mess:
– the dog was barking over its empty bowl
– the sink was full of dirty dishes
– the refrigerator was empty
– all the windows were open
– her husband was shouting at their son
– the cat was gone
– there were some dirty marks on the carpet

Example: The refrigerator was empty because Mina’s son had organized a party for his friends.

Ex. 4 “Had you done it before you were ten?” mingle activity
Give out the worksheets, and first ask your students to work in pairs and complete the questions with the correct form of the verbs in brackets. After checking it with the whole class, tell them to go to five individuals and ask each one a different question.  Finally, ask the students to report the results of their enquires to the rest of the students.

question answer who
Had you ever …………………….. (swim) in a sea before you were ten?
Had you ever …………………….. (travel) by train before you were ten?
Had you ever …………………….. (talk) to a foreigner before you were ten?
Had you ever …………………….. (stay) at your friend’s house before you were ten?
Had you ever …………………….. (be) to a museum before you were ten?


Past Perfect – materials for Ex. 3 and 4

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