Talking about emotions and feelings with emojis-vocabulary and speaking activity for A1 students

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The great popularity of emojis or emoticons made me think about how I can use them in class. The idea below is to teach students vocabulary on feelings and emotions and use the words in different contexts.



First, students match the words and the pictures. All the picture and word cards are available here:

Feelings and Emotions – emoji cards









Then they practise the use of the words in different situations provided in two different exercises on the student worksheet:

Feelings and Emotions with alien emojis – worksheet










Finally, ask your students to select one of the cards and finish the sentence:
I feel … sad/happy/angry/etc … when … I have to go to the doctor., depending on what card they have selected.
Students can work in pairs and ask each other to finish the sentence. It is also possible to use the cards and talk about feelings and emotions in small groups.

Enjoy 🙂

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