Past Simple or Past Continuous? – lesson plan 2 (B1)

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My recent journey and the numerous photos I took in Arizona and New Mexico inspired me to prepare a new lesson plan which relates to travelling and the famous historic Route 66. I hope that my students will not only improve their English skills, but also learn about great places in the world and feel positive and excited about travelling. After all they say: “He that travels far knows much” or “Travel broadens the mind”.

This time students work on a text (reading comprehension), watch and listen to a short movie (listening comprehension), complete sentences with the correct forms of verbs (grammar), and describe pictures using the past simple and the past continuous tenses (grammar and writing). I think that the best idea is to let them work in small groups.

There are two different worksheets provided. They vary in activity No 3. Activities No 1 and 2 are the same.

Use the links below to download and print them:

Past Simple or Past Continuous “Route 66” – worksheet_1













Past Simple or Past Continuous “Route 66” – worksheet_2













As we usually make the copies in black and white, printing the pictures in colour and in larger size for each group may be helpful and more encouraging. You can laminate them and use many times. The pictures in large size are available below:

Past Simple or Past Continuous “Route 66” – pictures for group_1

Past Simple or Past Continuous “Route 66” – pictures for group_2

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