My first advertisement – an idea for a group work activity (B1 – B2)

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If you like when your students work in small groups and you want them to be creative, you may find this activity interesting.

Split your students into small groups. Then let them choose one of the worksheets and read the instruction.

Here you can see a sample instruction and a picture for a group:

My First Advertising Campaign

Imagine you run a business and sell everything people need for their summer holiday. Now, look at the picture below to see the item you are supposed to sell. Your task is to prepare a perfect advertisement for this product.
Remember that your advertisement should:
1. be simple and entertaining
2. get the attention of potential customers
3. consist of at least three sentences
4. use the following words or phrases: piggy bank, save money, afford something/afford to do something, awesome







Each group is supposed to work on an advertisement for a different product. The advertisement may be presented orally, in a movie or on a poster made in a traditional way or online.
Let your students be creative 🙂

You can find all the necessary materials below.
Instructions for groups:

My First Advertising Campaign – insctructions 1 and 2

My First Advertising Campaign – instructions 3 and 4

My First Advertising Campaign – instructions 5 and 6

Pictures your students can use in their advertisement:































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