Second conditional – lesson plan

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Today I would like to present another lesson plan which can help you to teach grammar. This time it is some ideas for teaching the second conditional.


You can find all the printable materials you need below:

Second_Conditional_lesson_plan (printable in pdf format)

Students will:
– revise second conditional                                              – improve their speaking skills
– improve their abilities to work in groups                    – have fun and feel motivated

– access to the internet and the following websites:
– a bank of slips of paper bearing names of animals/ countries/ jobs, etc…
– tablets or smartphones and WiFi access


Write the sentence on the board:          I am a woman, but if I were a man I would … .
Then ask your students to finish the sentence with their own ideas.

Ex. 1      If I were an animal, … . – group work exercise

Before the lesson starts prepare slips of paper with names of different animals and put them in a bag. Split up the learners into small groups. Depending on how big the groups are, ask a representative of each group to choose two or three slips. Tell the students to cooperate in their groups and make up second conditional sentences which start with: If I were a/an (elephant/ lion/ etc), I would …  . Set a time limit for this activity (5-6 minutes should be ok) and tell the students to write as many sentences as possible. When they are ready, ask them to read their sentences.

🙂 The same idea may be used with names of countries, jobs, famous people or characters from popular books or films.

Ex. 2      If I were an animal, … . – Millionaire game

All the learners stay in their groups. There must be one smartphone for each group. Tell them to go to and  open the site ‘Second conditional – lesson plan’ where they can find the millionaire game. Students usually like playing the game and they do not need extra motivation. However, you can reward the students who will be successful and complete the task first.

Ex. 3      Second conditional– Quizizz challenge

Students can work individually or in pairs, depending on the number of smartphones and tablets they have. They compete in the Quizizz* Second conditional game which is available at:
*  provides an easy to do and very attractive tool to use in class. It gives all the students the opportunity to interact directly using Internet connected devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets). It is enjoyable, easy and fast to use. You can also get a printable version of the quiz which may be assigned to students as their homework.
If… for any reasons… you cannot use Quizizz application, the same exercise can be done with the use of an interactive board. It is available in the post together with the Millionaire game.

To get to the Quizizz game, click the link below:

Quizizz Second conditional challenge

 or use another version of the same activity: 

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