Present Simple or Present Continuous? – lesson plan

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Kolejna lekcja z pełną obudową czyli scenariusz lekcji z czasami present simple i present continuous. Tym razem gramatyka w wersji kreatywnej. Lekcja typowo powtórkowa, mająca na celu wyćwiczenie umiejętności posługiwania się czasami teraźniejszymi (present simple i present continuous). Tu znajdziesz scenariusz lekcji powtórzeniowej z ćwiczeniami, które zachęcą do działania i wspólnej pracy oraz dobrze pojętej rywalizacji.

You can find all the printable materials you need below:

Present Simple or Present Continuous – Lesson Plan

Present Simple or Present Continuous – Crossword

Present Simple or Present Continuous-worksheet_gr_1

Present Simple or Present Continuous-worksheet_gr_2

Present Simple or Present Continuous-worksheet_gr_3

Present Simple or Present Continuous-worksheet_gr_4

Present Simple or Present Continuous-worksheet_gr_5

Topic: Present Simple and Present Continuous – practice


Students will:
– revise Present Simple and Present Continuous tenses
– improve their writing skills
– improve their abilities to work in groups
– have fun and feel motivated


– worksheets (one for each student)
– tablets or smartphones and WiFi access


Write the text on the board:

Kate’s a tourist guide in Wroclaw. She shows visitors around the city.
Today is her day off work. She’s watering some plants in the garden now.

Then ask the questions:
1. What does Kate do?
2. What is Kate doing?

Ex. 1      Present Simple or Present Continuous? – Present tenses crossword

Split up the learners into small groups. Give out the crosswords to all your students. Their task is to complete the crossword as fast as they can. All the students in the winning group get a reward (e.g. good marks). Make sure all the students cooperate in their groups and complete the crosswords.

Ex. 2      Present Simple or Present Continuous? – present tenses Kahoot challenge

Students can work individually or in pairs, depending on the number of smartphones and tablets they have. They compete in the Kahoot* game which is available at:

Present Simple or Present Continuous – kahoot quiz

*  provides an easy to do and very attractive tool to use in class. It gives all the students the opportunity to interact directly using Internet connected devices (e.g. smartphones and tablets). It is enjoyable, easy and fast to use.

Ex. 3.     Present Simple or Present Continuous? – describing pictures

Present the picture and the text on the board.
Present Simple or Present Continuous?

This is Marta. Marta is a 26 years old interior designer. She’s very active and enjoys outdoor sports such as cycling in summer and skiing in winter.
Today is a cold but sunny February day. She’s wearing a warm yellow jacket, black trousers and a hat. She’s climbing Babia Gora, the highest peak in the Western Beskidy Mountains in Poland.

Students work in groups again. Each group gets one of the pictures below.

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