Studying English through songs – ‘Don’t Cry Joni’ by Conway Twitty…

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…czyli nauka angielskiego z piosenką. Utwór ma już swoje lata, ale okazuje się, że może się podobać naszej wymagającej młodzieży gimnazjalnej. Dzięki tej lekcji uczniowie poznali kilka ciekawych wyrażeń i przećwiczyli tworzenie zdań w czasie past simple. Miło było popatrzeć na efektywną pracę w grupach. Polecam 🙂

You can find all the printable materials below:
Lesson plan
Cards with lyrics
Students worksheet
Joni and Jimmy crossword

Topic: Studying English through songs – ‘Don’t Cry Joni’ by Conway Twitty

Students will:
– learn new words and phrases and revise the ones they already know
– practise the past simple tense
– improve their abilities to work in groups
– have fun and feel motivated
– access to the internet and the following websites:
– a set of cards with the lyrics (one for each group)
– the worksheets (one for each student)
– the crossword (one for each student)

Tell the Students that they are going to listen to a song today. Write the following words on the board: cry, forever, teardrops, wait, forget
and encourage your students to try to predict the theme of the song.

Ex. 1
Divide the students into small groups (3-4 persons). Give each group a set of cards with the lyrics (one verse on each card, ten cards altogether). Tell them to listen to the song and put the cards in the correct order.
Ex. 2
Students should stay in the same groups. Give out the worksheets (one worksheet for each person). First they are supposed to work individually – they listen to the song again and complete the lyrics with the missing words:
1. kisses 2. note 3. kisses 4. rain 5. twenty 6. words 7. kisses 8. plane 9. rain 10. married
Then they should compare their answers with other students in their groups.
Ex. 3
Students should work in the same groups. In the lyrics they are supposed to find phrases which have the same or similar meaning to the meaning of the sentences below. The number provided next to each sentence shows the verse which has the correct phrase. Tell the students to write the correct phrase under each sentence.
1. Joni was Jimmy’s neighbour. (2)
Joni was the girls who lived next door
2. Joni wants to become an adult. (1, 3, 7))
I’ll grow up someday you’ll see
3. Jimmy visited the house where Joni lived. (4)
Then I went over to the house next door
4. Jimmy is sure that Joni will stop thinking of him soon. (5)
You’ll forget me by and by
5. Jimmy wanted to start a new life. (6)
and tried to settle down
6. Jimmy thought warmly of Joni all the time. (8)
How my heart was filled with her memory
7. Joni’s life has changed. (9)
But things weren’t like they were before
8. Joni hasn’t seen Jimmy for five years. (10)
It’s been five years since you’ve been gone
Ex. 4
Ask the students to stay in the same groups and discuss and answer the questions:
1. Why do you think Jimmy didn’t want to wait for Joni? (give two reasons)
Possible answers:
– he wanted to start a new life
– he wanted to settle down
– he didn’t know he was in love with Joni
– she was too young

2. Why do you think Jimmy couldn’t marry Joni after he finally decided to do that?
Possible answers:
– she married his best friend John
– she didn’t love him anymore

At home the students should complete the crossword.

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