Christmas and Santa Claus – lesson plan (A2)

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…czyli kolejne pomysły na scenariusz lekcji o Świętach. Jest nowy quiz Mikołajowy, mamy “bombowy” quiz, znajdziemy też kolejną krzyżówkę (online i w wersji do druku), zaśpiewamy też co nieco o uroczym Mikołaju. Czyli jest nauka i zabawa. Merry Christmas 🙂

Ask students to say as many words related to Christmas as they can within one minute.

Ex. 1      Christmas Ball Quiz (thanks to 
Tell your students they are going to do “Christmas Ball Quiz ”. Each slide shows two Christmas balls. On the red one there is a question whereas on the yellow one there is space for the answer. Students should come to the board individually. Ask them to read the question and say the answer. In order to check if the answer is correct they must click on the red ball with the question – the correct answer will appear on the yellow ball then. In order to open the quiz, click the link below:
Christmas Ball Quiz

Ex. 2    Santa Claus Game
Click at Santa Claus and His Christmas – Quiz
Students can do the quiz on their tablets or smartphones. It can also be done on an interactive board.

Ex. 3 Santa Claus Crossword
Ask students to complete the Santa Claus Crossword (pdf). This activity can be done as a competition. Have students work in pairs or small groups and ask them to complete the crossword as fast as they can.

Finally, they can sing one of the most popular Christmas songs, e.g.
“Santa Claus is Coming to Town (karaoke)


If you need more ideas for your Christmas lessons, click here:

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