Christmas – Santa’s Quiz 1

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First, read the text, and next do the quiz.

Some facts about Santa Claus: 
Santa Claus lives at the North Pole where he has got his own toy factory. All the year round his helpers, the elves, make different toys which are given to nice children on Christmas Day. Naughty children do not get any gifts. Santa travels in a sleigh pulled by nine reindeer among which Rudolph is the most popular. Santa loves trips along the Milky Way. His sleigh stops over a house and Santa takes the big red sack full of presents. Then he climbs down the chimney and gets into the house through the fireplace. He eats the cookies and drinks the milk left there by children. After that Santa puts the gifts into the stockings which are hung by the fireplace. If the gifts are really big, he leaves them under the Christmas tree. Finally, Santa leaves the house without being noticed.

There are three versions of the quiz:


2. on paper and you can print it:

Santa Quiz (printable in pdf format) 

3. Kahoot quiz

Kahoot Santa Quiz

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