Personality Crossword…

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… czyli krzyżówka z przymiotnikami osobowości

Nowość!!! Teraz ćwiczenie jest także dostępne w wersji do druku w formacie PDF Personality Crossword (wersja do druku)

Wszystkie przymiotniki potrzebne do uzupełnienia krzyżówki znajdziesz poniżej:

generous – hojny, szczodry, wielkoduszny, wspaniałomyślny
giving or willing to give freely
magnanimous – wielkoduszny, wspaniałomyślny, łaskawy
kind, generous and forgiving, especially towards an enemy or a rival
mean – skąpy
not willing to give or share things
cruel – okrutny
causing pain to other people or animals
rude – niegrzeczny, grubiański, opryskliwy, nieuprzejmy
very impolite, showing no respect for other people and their feelings
polite – grzeczny, uprzejmy
having or showing good manners and respect for the feelings of others
impolite – nieuprzejmy, niegrzeczny
venomous – zjadliwy, szyderczy
full of bitter feeling, extremely hateful or angry
calm – cichy, opanowany
not excited or nervous
quiet – cichy = niegadatliwy
about people who don’t like talking in company
aggressive – agresywny
angry and behaving in a threatening way
sociable – towarzyski
about someone who loves being with others and meeting a lot of people
trustworthy – godny zaufania
about someone you can trust
untrustworthy – niegodny zaufania
dependable = reliable – niezawodny, rzetelny, pewny
about someone that can be relied on to do what you want or need
unreliable – zawodny, nierzetelny
unbiased – bezstronny
about someone who is neutral or impartial and who can see both sides of an argument or disagreement
honest – uczciwy, szczery
always telling the truth and not likely to cheat
dishonest – nieuczciwy, nieszczery
optimistic – optimistyczny
always in good mood and with a positive approach to life
pessimistic – pesymistyczny
expecting bad things to happen or something not to be successful
patient – cierpliwy
about a person who is able to wait for a long time or accept annoying behaviour or difficulties without becoming angry
impatient – niecierpliwy
easily annoyed by someone’s mistakes or because you have to wait
tense – spięty
unable to relax, nervous or worried
timid – lękliwy, bojaźliwy, wstydliwy, nieśmiały
about someone who is shy, nervous and has no much confidence
shy – nieśmiały
nervous or embarrassed about meeting and talking to other people
miserable – nieszczęśliwy
very unhappy
talkative – gadatliwy
talking a lot
mature – dojrzały
(usually about a child or a young person) behaving in a sensible way, like an adult
immature – niedojrzały
sensible – rozsądny, poważny
about someone whose judgements are based on reason and experience, not on emotion
moody – kapryśny, humorzasty
about someone whose moods change quickly and often
meticulous – drobiazgowy, pedantyczny
paying careful attention to every detail
lazy – leniwy
not willing to work
hard working – pracowity
putting a lot of effort into a job and doing it well
ambitious – ambitny
about someone who works hard and wants to be successful in everything /heshe does
ingenious – pomysłowy
having a lot of clever new ideas
courageous = brave – odważny, dzielny
showing courage; brave
cowardly – tchórzliwy
not being brave

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