First Conditional Domino, I have…Who has…? and Grass Skirts Games (A1+)

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The first conditional can be confusing for our learners.  That is why the more they practise, the better they remember the structure, especially at the very early stage when it’s just been introduced.  So if you’ve been looking for something easy to use and engaging for your students, these three games are for you. In I have…Who has…? game I added pictures as visual tips, whereas in the domino game they are not included. There is also a Grass Skirts game that I highly recommend. It is always a lot of fun.

First Conditional Domino

First Conditional Domino (printable PDF)


First Conditional I have…Who has…? Game

First Conditional I have…Who has…? Game (printable PDF)

First Conditional Grass Skirts game

First Conditional Grass Skirts competition (printable PDF)


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