End-of-school-year or back-to-school speaking activities for younger learners (4th and 5th grades)

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Do your students like playing I have…Who Has…? or Grass Skirts games? Do you feel that they need more pairwork and group interaction in communication? These three activities should help them with that and provide a lot of fun. They are aimed at 4th-grade students at the end of the school year and the 5th grades at the beginning of the school year.

1 Divide your students into small groups. Give each group one set of cut-up questions and answers.

questions and answers – matching activity (printable in PDF)

Step 1 – The learners match the questions with the answers.

Step 2 – Take away the answers and ask the learners to create their own answers to the questions provided.

Step 3 – Take away the questions and tell the students to write their own questions to the answers.


I have…Who has…? game

I have…Who has…? (printable PDF)


Grass Skirts game

Grass Skirts game (printable PDF)

Below you will find instructions for the game:


  •  Copy the worksheet onto different coloured paper, one per team of 3-4 students. Cut under each sentence from right to left leaving the left edge of the paper uncut.
  •  Stick the worksheets to the wall in different places of your classroom so that students in each group have a similar distance to their papers.


  • Split your students into teams of 3-4.
    Each team must nominate one student who is the Runner – this student’s task will be to run to the paper, tear off one sentence and bring it to his or her group. Once all the teams have their runners, explain the rules of the competition:1. All the teams start the competition when the teacher says ‘Go!’ – the Runners go to their worksheets, tear off one sentence and bring it to their teams.
    2. In groups, students read and complete their sentence.  After they have finished, they raise their hands to indicate they are ready and wait for the teacher.
    3. The teacher monitors the work and comes to the group which first raise their hands and then checks if they have changed the sentence correctly. If they have done it the right way, the teacher says ‘Go!’ and the Runner runs to the paper again and brings a new sentence. If they haven’t done it correctly, the teacher says ‘Not yet!’ which means that the sentence is not correct yet and they must try again.
    4. The winning team is the one that has completed all the sentences first. Encourage the remaining groups to continue the competition for second and third places.

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