End-of-school-year or back-to-school speaking activities (A1+)

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Here we are, back at school with our students. After all these months of distant teaching and learning, we can finally meet our learners face to face. What are your first impressions after the big comeback? Do you feel that your students need more interactive tasks and integrate more with one another? Have you noticed that they used to talk more freely and now it seems harder for them to speak English?

Read the lesson ideas below and find out if they can be beneficial for your students.

1 Divide your students into small groups. Give each group one set of cut-up questions and answers.

questions and answers – matching activity (printable in PDF)

Step 1 – The learners match the questions with the answers.

Step 2 – Take away the answers and ask the learners to create their own answers to the questions provided.

Step 3 – Take away the questions and tell the students to write their own questions to the answers.


2 Two versions of ‘I have…Who has…?‘ game

Version 1 (easy) – Each student has a question to which another student has its matching answer.

I have…Who has…? – version 1 (printable PDF)


Version 2 (more difficult) – Each student has an answer to which another student has its matching question.

I have…Who has…? – version_2 (printable PDF)

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