Christmas Picture Dictation

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Have you been looking for some unconventional online materials you could use with your students before Christmas? If your answer is a yes, keep reading and look at what I have for you today.

It is a Christmas picture dictation activity which I already used with some of my students. They worked in groups (breakout rooms on Zoom) and had a lot of fun. At the same time, they revised Christmas vocabulary and ‘there is/ there are’ with prepositions of place.
I wouldn’t have made this activity if, a few days ago, I hadn’t come across this wonderful drawing tool – AWW board. 

It is easy to use. The person who shares the screen can invite all the others in the group to draw. This way, everybody seems engaged and can contribute to the project.

1 Picture Dictation Activity

LINK – Christmas Dictation


2 The picture

3 With a grain of salt – These are my students’ drawings. Aren’t they young Picassos?
Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough time to finish their works of art, but we all had a good time and enjoyed the lesson.





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