Revision with Four Seasons – Summer (A1- A2 back to school activities)

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I have already started the countdown as all signs in the sky are telling me that September 1 is coming. Are you ready for another school year? Will we go back to the traditional way of teaching or the well-practised but somewhat faulty online school? Whatever the scenario is, we will manage without a doubt.

For a good start, I’d like to offer you a ready to use revision, and at the same time, back-to-school lesson, which is a combination of exam-like activities and summer travels as the main vocabulary topic. What is more, there are two sets of exercises at two levels of difficulty. I’m planning to use the first one with my 7th-grade students, whereas both of them can be applied to grade 8.

The worksheets are in two versions – a pdf worksheet to print and a pdf form to fill online, which is a novelty on my blog.

And last but not least, there is also an Escape Room with all the exercises from the worksheets.

Revision with Four Seasons – Summer A1 (pdf)

Revision_with Four Seasons – Summer A1 (pdf form to fill online)

Ex. 1

Dialogue 1:
1. return   2. Here you   3. leave   4. need/have

Dialogue 2:
1. are you   2. What’s the   3. like   4. are having

Dialogue 3:
1. order   2. like   3. a   4. any

Dialogue 4:
1. for   2. there   3. on   4. How much are

Ex. 2

1. spent   2. smaller   3. are   4. saw   5. was   6. sunny   7. doing   8. visit   9. ‘ll see   10. See

Revision with Four Seasons – Summer A2 (pdf))

Revision with Four Seasons – Summer A2 (pdf form to fill online)


Ex. 1

Photograph 1. b

Photograph 2. d

Photograph 3. b

Photograph 4. b

Ex. 2

1. Thank you for   2. like it   3. must turn/have to turn/should turn   4. can I/may I   5. Have you ever

Ex. 3

1. is interested in   2. is older than   3. is my father’s   4. How much is   5. days ago

EXTRA!!! Levels A1 and A2 in Escape Room on

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