Bob’s Trip to Arizona (part 3) – reading comprehension and Past Simple with a PDF and live worksheets (A1).

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I’m sure that everyone can’t wait summer holidays. Still, there are a few weeks of remote schooling left, and we need to keep our students motivated, which doesn’t seem easy at this time of the year. It’s been a while since I posted the last episode of Bob’s story. His journey continues as the grammar of the text develops a bit. I hope your students will find the story as exciting as mine do.

In part 3 of the trip to Arizona, Bob and Nebi go back to Tarak’s workshop. Tarak is the local artist who promised to make a turquoise necklace for the boy’s mum. The structures are still simple; however, I decided to use the simple past tense of some commonly used verbs as this is the grammar my 5th-grade students have been practising recently. As previously, the main goal is to provide the students with some reading practice with a pinch of excitement and mystery.

Bob’ Trip To Arizona – students worksheet (pdf)

Bob’ Trip To Arizona – students worksheet (on

Start with Ex. 1. Once the students have completed the text, they can check their answers using the book, where they can find the whole story and the recording.


Book titled 'Bob's Trip to Arizona - part 3'Read this book made on StoryJumper

Then encourage your students to do Ex. 2 and 3.






Ex. 1

  1. met   2. visited   3. went   4. wanted   5. knocked   6. entered   7. saw   8. mixed   9. turned   10. showed   11.   opened   12. looked

Ex. 2

  1. c   2. a   3. b   4. a   5. a

Ex. 3

  1. a crack   2. knock   3. I’m all ears.   4. tears   5. misfortune

The first three episodes of Bob’s story can be found here:

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