Bob’s Trip to Arizona (part 1) – reading comprehension with a PDF worksheet (A1)

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My new creation is a new episode of Bob’s story. You were introduced to Bob in my last article where you can find the first part of his story. It is about Bob’s problems with his computer and the way he started reading books passionately. This time Bob explores Arizona where he meets a Native American boy. The grammar of the text is simple (Present Simple and Present Continuous only). The focus is on comparative and superlative adjectives, some vocabulary on geographical features and, last but not least, reading comprehension.

Let your students enjoy reading in English 🙂

Bob’ Trip to Arizona – student worksheet (pdf)



Ex. 1

  1. raining/rainy   2. hills   3. happy   4. butterflies   5. birds   6. horses   7. river   8. sun

a) higher   b) hotter   c) deepest   d) most beautiful   e) longer   f) most amazing   g) better

Ex. 2

  1. False. He reads about some Indian people.
  2. True.
  3. False. It’s hotter than in his own country.
  4. False. He thinks that it’s the most beautiful place in the world.
  5. False. In the valley, he meets an Indian boy called Nebi.
  6. False. Nebi shows Bob a magical river with mysterious stones.

Ex. 3

  1. Bob reads about the Apache Indians.
  2. Bob wants to go to Arizona.
  3. Bob visits the place of his dreams.
  4. Bob is unhappy because there aren’t any Indians on horses.
  5. Bob meets Nebi.
  6. Nebi and Bob go to the river.
  7. Nebi and Bob wait for the sunset.
  8. Bob can see a lot of magical stones on the river bank.

The first episode of Bob’s story can be found here:
Bob’s Digital Calamity

Bob’s Trip to Arizona (part 2) – reading comprehension with a PDF and live worksheets (A1)

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