English and American Jokes – card game

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 It’s been a couple of weeks now since I last left some lesson ideas here. Contrary to the previous topic, today, I would like to share with you something of which may be fun. It’s a card game you could use with your students on one of those hot June days when having regular lessons with a handbook seems almost impossible. I did some searching online and selected a list of English and American jokes our students may find enjoyable. Besides, I bet the game may work as a good vocabulary booster.


Feel free to download and print the cards. The questions and possible answers are on the odd pages whereas the correct answers are always on the even pages. I hope this way will help with the printing process of the cards (the questions on one side and the answers on the reverse side of each card).

Look at the sample below and then click to download the cards: angielskipodrodze.pl – English jokes cards 



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