Writing about a memorable event – lesson ideas for A1/A2 students

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In order to help my students write about one of their interesting family life events, I decided to prepare a very simple, step by step, model text for their next exercise. One can say it is nothing special, however, transferring it into a picture video on mysimpleshow.com (my new discovery) and then doing an interactive exercise on wardwall.net (another useful online tool) may help even the most resistant students create a decent text. At least, I hope it will.    

1 Rebecca described her unforgettable birthday party. Put the parts of her text in order, so that you can get a logical and consistent description. Then watch the video and check.

Rebecca’s Birthday Party – put in order activity – printable

Rebecca’s Birthday Party video


2 Read the text and answer the questions.

a) Why did Rebecca’s parents organize a special party for her?

b) Where was the party?

c) Were there many people at the party?

d) What surprised Rebecca most?

e) What present did she like most?


3 Complete the text with the correct words.

4 Now it is time for you to describe a memorable event in your life. In your text write about:

  • when and where the event was
  • what happened during the event
  • how you and other people felt after the event

In your description use the following sequencing words: first, then, after that, finally.

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