Autumn has come – lesson idea for young learners (A1)

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Here it is – autumn with all its amazing colours, changes in the weather and our daily moods. On the one hand you find it exciting and very welcoming, but on the other hand you know that its beauty is so fragile and volatile. Having the bright side of autumn in my head, I decided to prepare an extra lesson about autumn for my youngest learners (grade 5).







To begin with, I asked the learners to make a list of any words which they associate with AUTUMN. A few common words appeared on their list, but I instantly knew that they really needed some assistance and inspiration in order to remember common words and learn new ones. Therefore, the next step was a Kahoot competition. The students were supposed to unscramble words in order to make twelve sentences about autumn.

Autumn – Kahoot Competition



They truly enjoyed the kahoot activity and, at the same time, prepared themselves for the next step of the lesson.
I split the learners into two groups and gave each one a set of English words and a list of sentences in their mother tongue. I asked them to put the words in order so that they could get the English version of the sentences on their list. These were the exact sentences as the ones which appeared in the kahoot competition. Once the groups arranged their sentences correctly, I handed them colourful sheets of paper and a selection of autumn pictures which I found on (tons of free colouring pages). They also needed some glue, because I asked them to make autumn posters with the use of the sentences and the pictures.

Autumn sentences to unscramble (printable)

Autumn sentences – Polish version (printable)







































Finally, they did an interactive quiz with a video depicting two little girls baking an apple pie.


Last but not least, I offered the students a piece of a home-made apple pie which I baked myself the previous night. It was a nice and surprising lesson filler, or rather the yummy completion of all the tasks.

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