Idioms – part 2 – lesson ideas for B1/B2 students

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Today I would like to share with you another lesson idea for teaching idioms to B1/B2 students. Ten new idioms and some new activities, including exercises for visual and kinaesthetic learners who learn best when they are moving.

1. Find the idioms.
Print the pictures and stick them on the wall in the classroom. Split your students into groups, and give each group a set of ‘idoms – matching cards’. Students make idioms by matching the correct halves. Then they stick the idioms on the wall under the appropriate picture.

Idioms – pictures (printable)

Idioms – matching cards (printable)


2. Students study the idioms through example sentences. Then they match the idioms with their definitions.

Ten idioms with – worksheet (printable)

3. Students complete the ‘Idiom Quiz’ on

4. Students create ‘Wheel Decide’ idiom dialogues.

Students work in the same groups. A representative of each group uses Wheel Decide to select three different idioms for his/her team. Students in every group are supposed to prepare a short dialogue applying the idioms they’ve selected.

5. Students play ‘Idioms Pictionary Game’.

A representative of each group is drawing pictures in order to make his or her team guess the idiom he/she has selected.
Prepare two five-card sets of idioms for each team. The group which is faster to guess all five idioms wins the competition. It is a good game to finish the lesson.

Idioms – Pictionary Game cards (printable)

beat around the bush
cut corners
hear something from the horse’s mouth
hear something through the grapevine
get your teeth into something
give somebody the cold shoulder
be in someone’s shoes
go under the knife
have a sweet tooth
be in the doghouse

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