English On The Way Road Signs Game

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Hello to everybody who right now is visiting my blog and reading this post which is my newest creation. I hope you will find the game useful and your students will enjoy it.

This game is intended for learners who are about to revise ‘must/mustn’t’, ‘have to’, ‘should’, ‘be supposed to’, ‘be allowed to’ – structures to express permission, prohibition, obligation, lack of obligation or advice. In addition, the game will allow your students to check their knowledge of traffic signs. There is one sign – “a surprise” which does not exist…at least so far 😉

Included here are an A3 sized board (two parts) and a series of cards showing large versions of the various game fields and:
a) three possible options among which only one is correct: A, B or C.
b) surprise sentences which do not carry any tasks but allow students to move forward or tell them to go backward.
There is also a set of cards with the answers which should be stuck on the other side of their counterparts so that students could turn over their cards to check for the correct answers.









All printable materials you need:

Road Signs – board

Road Signs – cards (part 1)

Road Signs – cards (part 2)

Road Signs – answers (part 1)

Road Signs – answers (part 2)


How to play

Each group of players needs a die and playing counters for every student. They can roll the die to decide who plays first. Each time a player moves, they are supposed to take the appropriate card and select the correct option.
An exact number is needed to finish.

If possible, print the materials in colour and laminate them for durability. Enjoy!

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