Christmas with a video by Rick Steves for B1

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Recently, I watched a wonderful documentary by a famous American traveler who, in an exceptional and magical way, shows various Christmas traditions throughout Europe. The part which depicts England moved me so much, without hesitation, I incorporated it into a school lesson for use prior to our Christmas break. I am hoping my students will feel a bit of this charm I got from the movie. Feel free to use this idea and all the materials provided. Merry Christmas to all of you.

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There are three activities:
nr 1 – students watch the movie for the first time and they mainly focus on the pictures

nr 2 – students watch the movie for the second time; now they must focus on both the pictures and the story

English Christmas with Rick Steves – video on youtube

English Christmas with Rick Steves – worksheet










nr 3 – students do a sum-up activity online, either the quiz on or the kahoot quiz:

Traditional English Christmas with Rick Steves – KAHOOT QUIZ



If you need more ideas for your Christmas lessons, click here:

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