Buying and selling a car – speaking activity for intermediate (B1) and upper-intermediate levels (B2)

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This is an information gap activity for high intermediate level (B2) students. One student has a used car which he wants to sell. Another student has seen an ad for the car online and decides to call the owner and ask for more information. Each person wants to strike the best deal. Students act out their parts with the use of worksheets.



Worksheet Student A (printable)

You have just seen an ad for a used car which seems of interest to you. Before you invest your time actually looking at it, you need more information about the car. Your partner is the owner of the car. Ask him questions in order to get the information you need.
If the seller doesn’t answer these questions or gives you answers which sound dishonest or inconsistent, you’d better keep looking. You are the one to start and finish the conversation. Be decisive, but always polite.

Previous owners:
Exterior color:
Interior color:
Leather or cloth?
Number of doors:
Transmission: auto?/manual?
Repairs needed? (if yes, what?)
Any accidents?
Garaged or kept outside?
Asking price $

Worksheet Student B  (printable) 

You are going to sell your car, so you have just posted an ad for the car online. As you may expect phone calls from potential buyers, you must be prepared for all the questions which may occur. Below you can find the information you prepared for your potential customers.

While answering the questions, be honest, consistent and polite. Do not be pushy, and keep to your plan.

Year: 2013
Make/Model: Toyota Yaris XP13M, 68 HP
Previous owners: none
Mileage: 65000km
Exterior color: red
Interior color: black and grey
Leather or cloth? cloth
Number of doors: five
Engine: 998cm3
Transmission: auto?/manual? manual
Records: yes
Repairs needed? (if yes, what?) windshield wipers should be replaced
Any accidents? none
Garaged or kept outside? outside
Options/Add-ons: winter tires, built-in navigation system, AC
Asking price $ 6500
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