Present Simple Board Game for Beginners (A1)

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 Today I would like to share one more idea for teaching present simple to young learners. It is my third board game. If you are interested, feel free to modify the rules. All the materials you need can be found  below.

Teachers Notes

This game is designed for beginners (A1).

Included here are an A4 sized Board, a series of Cards showing pictures and sentences to complete, and an Answer Key.


How to play

Each group of players needs playing counters – one for every student. They can roll a die to decide who plays first, second, etc… .

Place the cards face down into a deck.

Assign a leader in each group.

The player takes the card on top, looks at the picture and completes the sentence with one word.

Once the student gives an answer, the leader checks the answer with the key and says ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’.

If the answer is correct, the player moves one field forward. If the answer is incorrect, the player goes back one field.

An exact number is needed to finish.

If possible, print the materials in colour and laminate them for durability. Enjoy 🙂


Present Simple Game – cards and answer key

Present Simple Game – board


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