Present Continuous Battleship Game for beginners (A1)

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Battleship or Sea battle is a guessing game for two players. It can be an enjoyable alternative to typical textbook present continuous exercises for early beginners (A1). Below you can find two different  versions of the game.




Battleship Game – present continuous (printable)

1. Split your students into pairs.
2. Give each player one copy of the Battleship game.
3. Ask your students to draw their ships on the grid: one four-blocks, one three blocks, two two-blocks and three one-block ships. Ships may not overlap.
4. Tell your students to take turns firing upon the enemy by calling out sentences, e.g. “He is eating breakfast.”, “They are riding a bike.”, etc… . Students should mark their shots as HIT (X) or MISS (O) on the grid. When the ships are sunk they inform the opponent about that. The first person to sink all of the enemy ships is the winner.
Enjoy 🙂

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