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czyli znana gra Taboo w temacie “Szkoła” po angielsku.

How to play?
Taboo is a party game, but it may be easily adapted in class and played by your students. Here you have one of two possible options to choose: with paper cards or with cards online, which are actually pages of a book. Students should be split up into two groups. Players take turns and describe a word or phrase on a card to their representative whose task is to guess the word or phrase. Each card has a set of three forbidden words the players are not allowed to use in their descriptions. Students in the opposing group watch a timer and use a buzzer to stop the game when the time has finished. The players are also buzzed if any forbidden words are used or if players make gestures. The team gets a point for each card they guessed successfully within the limited time period. If you take the option with cards online, then the player, who is supposed to guess the word or phrase, should stand facing the students and not the board on which the card is shown.

Book titled 'School TabooGame'Read this free book made on StoryJumper

You can find the cards here: School Taboo Game in PDF (printable)

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