Making suggestions…

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…czyli wyrażanie sugestii
Look at the following example sentences. Find out how to make suggestions and how to respond to them. The key phrases commonly used in suggestions are underlined.

Popatrz na przykładowe zdania. Dowiedz się w jaki sposób w języku angielskim wyrażamy sugestie i jak na nie można zareagować. Kluczowe wyrażenia zwykle używane w sugestiach zostały podkreślone.

A: It’s quite far from here. Shall we take the tube?
B: Good idea.

A: I’m starving.  Why don’t we have some chips and fish?
B: Why not?

A: Let’s buy two tickets for this musical. I know they aren’t cheap but  I’m sure the performance is  worth the price.
B: That sounds great!

A: I feel like going to a pub this evening.
B: Me too.  How about going to the Spaniards Inn? It’s one of the oldest and the best known pubs in London.
A: That would be great.

A: I’m going to Nothing Hill to do some shopping at Portobelo market. Would you like to join me?
B: Thanks for asking but I’m busy today.

A: Let’s buy a few poscards in that shop.
B: I’m afraid I haven’t got enough money.

A: How does a visit at the Sherlock Holmes Museum sound? Maybe on Friday?
B: I’m sorry but I can’t.  I’m expecting a couple of guests on Friday evening. Could we go there next weekend?

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