Jobs and occupations

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Play the hangman game. Test your jobs and occupations vocabulary and find out how many words you already know. For each word there is a hint you should click before you start to enter the letters. If you’re stuck or need some help, scroll down the page and study the list of jobs and occupations and their definitions.


You can also try the word grid to test how much you know. Enjoy 🙂

hairdresser  (fryzjer)
A person whose job is to cut and shape your hair.
dentist (dentysta)
A person who looks after your teeth.
shop assistant (sprzedawca w sklepie)
A person who serves in a shop.
broker (makler)
A person who buys and sells things, for example, shares in a business for other people.
miner (górnik)
His job is to take out coal. He works in a mine.
vet (weterynarz)
He or she looks after your pets and treats them when they fall sick.
dustman (śmieciarz)
A person whose job is to remove waste from outside houses.
electrician (elektryk)
His job is to connect and repair electrical equipment.
waiter (kelner)
A man who takes orders and serves customers at their tables in a restaurant.
actress (aktorka)
A woman who acts in a film or play.
chef (szef kuchni)
The most senior cook in a restaurant.
postman (listonosz)
A person who delivers letters and parcels.
teacher (nauczyciel)
A person whose job is to teach other people.
carpenter (stolarz, cieśla)
His job is to make and repair wooden objects and structures.
nurse (pielęgniarka)
It’s usually a woman whose job is to take care of sick or injured people.
journalist (dziennikarz)
A person who collects and writes news stories for newspapers and magazines.
pilot (pilot)
A person who operates or is licensed to operate an aircraft.
baker (piekarz)
He or she makes delicious bread, rolls, buns and other bakery products for us.
businessman (biznesmen)
His or her job is to work in business.
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